Donald Trump may have just added attempted murder to his rap sheet

Thanks to last night’s bombshell about Donald Trump instructing Michael Cohen to lie under oath, the impeachment process will probably begin sooner than it otherwise would have. The revelation seems to have turned the tide when it comes the national debate about whether to wait for Robert Mueller to finish, or to impeach right now. But a new bombshell this morning may speed up Trump’s ouster even more.

Yesterday we all saw Donald Trump cancel Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s overseas diplomatic trip, using his own government shutdown as an excuse. He also leaked the secret details of the trip’s itinerary Trump then very publicly told Pelosi that she was welcome to fly commercial if she really wanted to take the trip. Now Pelosi’s office has issued a statement this morning confirming that Trump also leaked Pelosi’s itinerary for flying commercial.

This is, without a doubt, a clear-cut attempt at getting Nancy Pelosi killed. He didn’t just tell her that she had to fly commercial if still wanted to go, he made sure that every thug, terrorist, and mentally deranged Trump supporter out there would be aware of precisely how to get to her. What if Pelosi had taken the commercial flight without knowing that Trump had leaked that itinerary too? There’s a decent chance she’d be dead right now.

So while we’re at it, we might as well add attempted murder – or perhaps some close legal variant – to the list of felony charges against Donald Trump. For that matter, he just tried to get the Speaker of the House assassinated, which means he’ll probably face some kind of terrorism charges as well. Not only will Trump be ousted, he’ll never get out of prison.

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