Donald Trump launches into disgusting attack on New York City hospital workers

Donald Trump is still refusing to turn over emergency medical supplies to New York City, where they’re most needed, as his blue state murder spree continues. Doctors, nurses, and hospital workers are making themselves sick by continuing to treat coronavirus patients while wearing insufficient or no protection.

During his press conference today, Trump added insult to injury by accusing New York’s hospital workers of overusing and abusing their supplies. This monster isn’t just forcing these frontline workers to put their lives at risk, he’s now scapegoating them in the hope of covering for his own unwillingness to send them the proper supplies.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is the latest news publication to document the fact that Donald Trump is refusing to send adequate medical supplies to blue states, but he’s been granting 100% of the requests that have been made by his Republican pal, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump is on a mass murder spree. There’s no other way to put it. Now he’s making up vicious lies about the frontline workers he’s trying to murder. Once this is over, Trump must spend every day of the rest of his miserable life in solitary confinement.

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