Donald Trump is about to take a tumble in Atlantic City

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in a blowout, and it’s now clear that neither the courts nor the military will let the defeated loafer hang around for one minute past noon on January 20. Speaking of blowouts, the Atlantic City eyesore known as the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is scheduled for implosion soon after Biden’s inauguration. If you’ve got the cash, you can be the one to press the button and make it happen.

Bodnar’s Auction Sales has announced a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for what it calls the “experience” as well as the “right” to blow up Trump’s failed and now decrepit casino. The auction, which so far has attracted 15 bids, is already at $60,000 and is estimated to climb as high as $500,000, if not much more, by the time the hammer falls next month. The winner will blow up Trump Plaza on January 29, safely nearby or remotely “anywhere in the world.”

Since Trump Plaza shut down in 2014, the casino has resembled its namesake in unflattering ways. First, it has been deteriorating while growing uglier, becoming more hated, and accomplishing nothing. Second, it has proven dangerous and unpredictable, with large chunks of the hotel towers crashing to the ground earlier this year and debris falling onto the Boardwalk once in stormy weather.

Speaking of stormy, Trump might watch his casino get blown up by a familiar face from a million scandals ago. A fan of Stormy Daniels set up a GoFundMe page, which has been accepting donations since Friday for her bid, according to a report from the New York Daily News. Upon learning about this unusual potential opportunity for poetic justice, Daniels needled Trump, tweeting that “we all know I’m good at pressing buttons. LOL.”


The planned implosion of this aging structure bearing Trump’s name will finally allow the door to be opened for something new that can benefit the community and improve the economy. What’s more is that all of the auction’s proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, according to Bodnar’s. It’s amazing what can happen once Trump is no longer in the picture.

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