We’re now four hours into televised impeachment hearings involving Jennifer Williams and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. These two witnesses are giving devastating testimony against Donald Trump with the entire world watching. So where the heck is Trump?

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted a single word today about either of these witnesses. He hasn’t tweeted anything about today’s hearings at all. In fact, apart from a generic mention of the stock market this morning that was likely tweeted by one of his handlers, Trump hasn’t said anything at all since the day began.

This is remarkable, considering Trump viciously attacked Jennifer Williams over the weekend, and last night his administration leaked a story to the media about the possibility of retaliating against Colonel Vindman by having him transferred out of the White House.

Donald Trump thinks these two witnesses are such a threat to him, he’s committing felony witness tampering and retaliation in plain sight. Yet now that they’re actually dishing on him in front of the cameras, he’s gone silent. Is there truly something wrong with Trump’s health? Is he too weak to even fight back? Considering his recent mysterious hospital visit, it’s a fair question to ask at this point.

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