There’s another article of impeachment for you

In a sign of just how much of a career criminal Donald Trump is, and a sign of just how chaotic the circus surrounding Trump’s failing presidency has become over the past week, it turns out he committed a felony in plain sight yesterday – and it went barely noticed.

Yesterday morning, a Senate committee report labeled the NRA a “foreign asset” of the Russian government. The money trail running from the Kremlin, through the NRA, to the 2016 campaigns of Donald Trump and a huge number of other Republicans, has been so thoroughly exposed that the NRA’s continued existence is in doubt and its leaders are in danger of ending up criminally indicted. So you’d think that, even as Trump is being impeached for trying to criminally conspire with foreign nations, he’d want to steer clear of the Russian puppets in the NRA – particularly yesterday of all days.

But don’t tell that to Donald Trump, who never met a crime he didn’t like. Yesterday, Trump met with NRA boss Wayne LaPierre and offered not to pursue any gun legislation if the NRA was willing to finance his impeachment defense, according to the New York Times. Congressman Ted Lieu, a former prosecutor, tweeted precisely why this is a crime: “If the [New York Times] article is accurate, it appears Donald Trump seeks to trade action on legislation in exchange for financial support from the NRA. That would be illegal. A felony, to be exact.”


In other words, Donald Trump has reached the point of desperation where he’s now committing even more crimes in the name of trying to get himself off for his existing crimes. When the House starts introducing and then eventually expanding articles of impeachment, Trump’s NRA felony will surely end up being one of them. In addition, once Trump is ousted, the NRA felony will get him criminally indicted on yet another felony. Trump is never, ever getting out of prison.

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