Donald Trump invites man to White House, who then gets arrested by Secret Service at the White House

On a day when Donald Trump fired his National Security Adviser John Bolton for essentially not being sufficiently pro-Taliban, you’d think that would end up being the weirdest story of the day. But no, this is Trump we’re talking about, and so a guy he invited to the White House just got arrested while at the White House.

Donald Trump tried to do something decent for once, by inviting one of the heroes of the El Paso Walmart shooting to the White House. The trouble: Trump’s massively incompetent and increasingly unstaffed White House didn’t bother to do a basic background check on the guy before they invited him, or else they’d have known that he had an active arrest warrant back home.

After the Trump regime idiotically brought the fugitive to the White House, it fell to the Secret Service to clean up Donald Trump’s mess. According to the Daily Beast, Secret Service agents uncovered the warrant while checking the guy over, and they arrested him before he could meet with Trump.

We don’t know if this guy is a Trump supporter. We don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty of the charges against him. None of that is the point. What matters here is that Donald Trump’s White House is so incompetent, it invited a wanted fugitive to meet with the President of the United States at the White House. Then again, Trump tried to meet with Taliban terrorists at Camp David this past weekend, so at this point we suppose anything goes.

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