Arizona’s Republican Governor sends Donald Trump to voicemail during certification process

– Donald Trump apparently called Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey on his cell phone during today’s election certification process. Ducey knew it was Trump and sent it to voicemail. Check out this remarkable tweet from the local NBC affiliate in Phoenix:

To be clear, we give Arizona Governor Doug Ducey absolutely no points for this. He’s been terrible in the pandemic. He’s corrupt. He spent far too long trying to prop Trump up. But it’s the latest sign that even Trump’s allies are starting to selfishly move on from him, because they don’t want to have to end up answering for his pathetic pity party once he’s gone.

In response to the development, Donald Trump retweeted the claim that “Ducey has betrayed the people of Arizona.” In the end, Trump will try to take down his own allies for not sticking their necks out far enough for him.

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