Arizona’s Maricopa County unanimously certifies its election results, defying Donald Trump

– Good news out of Arizona: the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has unanimously certified its election results. It’s another nail in the coffin of Donald Trump’s fantasy about overturning the election. As Adam Klasfeld points out, four out of the five people on that board are Republicans.

– Joe Biden has now pulled 6 million votes ahead of Donald Trump. This election was always a blowout.

– Donald Trump’s brand new Acting Secretary of Defense has now been exposed to coronavirus, according to the New York Times. These idiots waste no time when it comes to sabotaging themselves.

– Trump stooge Ric Grenell says it’s a HIPAA violation that Donald Trump Jr.’s coronavirus has become public. That’s incorrect, unless the information was leaked to the public by a medical professional, which is unlikely. Grenell shouldn’t be trying to quote HIPAA when he has the IQ of a hippo. No offense to hippos.

– Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp confirms he’s signing off on the statewide certification, once again confirming that Joe Biden won Georgia. Donald Trump is currently throwing a fit about it. Loser. Sad!

– Mike Pence’s limo took a wrong turn today and got stuck in massive rush hour traffic as a result. These things just write themselves.

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