Arizona Republican candidate for Governor goes completely bonkers

Arizona is a vast and wondrous state that I have enjoyed spending time in. It is magnificent. And it has an idiot running to be its Governor. Readers, I implore you — we must save the great state of Arizona. There have been many stupid comments made by members of the GOP — too many to count. But this week’s foolish comment award goes to Kari Lake.

Lake wants to be Arizona’s next Governor. Arizona doesn’t want her — at least, I hope they don’t. And the comment she made about what she’d do if she were elected is both frightening — and utterly hysterical.

Lake had an epic meltdown about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s banishment from Twitter. And amid said meltdown, she said this: “As Governor, I will ban censorship.”

This comment is so large and mighty in its stupidity it caused this writer to burst into giggles — and they lasted quite a while. Isn’t “banning” anything censorship”, censorship in itself? What exactly does Lake plan to do?

Perhaps she will call censorship on the phone — or text censorship — and say, “you’re banned!” Or maybe she will attempt to get a new law passed that says, “nobody can be censored ever again.”


It is such a childish comment, but it also shows that one of the candidates for Governor of Arizona (Could it be Lake?) is batshit crazy. We have to fight for the Grand Canyon state that has begun turning from red to purple. And we must not let Lake and her “censorship ban” win.

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