Arizona recount clowns begin pulling the plug after Department of Justice cracks down

We saw this coming a mile away. Despite its sinister intentions and illegal nature, the phony “recount” going on in Arizona is being run by inept idiots who have no idea what they’re even trying to pull off. This week the Department of Justice began cracking down on the nonsense, and like clockwork, these Arizona clowns are now beginning to pull the plug on their own operation.

Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield, who helped blow the lid off the recount scam to begin with, is now revealing that large chunks of the recount are now being “indefinitely” postponed – which is a fancy way of saying canceled:

The recount clowns are claiming that they secretly made this decision weeks ago. But given that they’re only just now announcing it, shortly after the DOJ began breathing down their necks, it’s clear what’s going on here. This whole thing was always going to backfire on these clowns, and now it’s beginning to happen.

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