Joe Biden wins Arizona in a blowout, seals the deal

When Joe Biden won Florida and Illinois this evening in blowouts that were largely in line with what the polls predicted, it made two things clear. First, Biden is every bit as popular as we thought. Second, the coronavirus threat wasn’t impacting the outcome.

So it’s not a surprise that, based on the vote totals coming out of Arizona thus far, Joe Biden has also won the Grand Canyon state in a blowout tonight. Arizona doesn’t allow any results to be reported until an hour after the polls close. But the votes are counted before then, meaning we just got a deluge of voting data right at 11pm eastern time. In fact MSNBC, which is sometimes slow to call states, just called Arizona for Biden.

So this seals the deal. Joe Biden won all three states today in blowouts. In terms of where the race mathematically stands now, the polling and demographics of the upcoming states, and the obvious momentum involved, there is zero question that Biden will be the 2020 Democratic nominee. In fact it’s not even going to be close.


Considering that this primary race is already over in a blowout, and we’re facing a pandemic that’s going to make it unsafe to go out and vote in the coming weeks, and the fact that upcoming primary contests are being postponed for safety reasons anyway, it’s time for Bernie Sanders to drop out.

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