Donald Trump gets busted for posting false approval rating poll

By now we know the drill. Most major polls have Donald Trump’s approval rating pegged at around forty percent, but each time the widely discredited Rasmussen poll laughably claims that Trump’s approval rating is around fifty percent, Trump shamelessly tweet-brags about it, as if it were legitimate. Today we saw Trump try something different – and it promptly blew back on him.

This morning Donald Trump tweeted a Fox Business Channel graphic which claimed that he had a 55% overall approval rating in a new Georgetown Politics poll. Wait a minute, that polling entity is legitimate. So what’s going on here? It took all of a few minutes for Mo Elleithee, the director of Georgetown Politics, to post this tweet in response: “This graphic is incorrect. The Battleground Poll shows 58% approval on the economy. But it shows only 43% overall approval, & 52% disapproval. The 55% number is the President’s unfavorable rating. (Only 40% favorable.)” Ouch.

Later in the morning, Fox Business Channel issued an on-air correction, explaining that it had indeed jumbled the numbers. But as of this afternoon, Donald Trump still hasn’t deleted or corrected his errant tweet. By now Trump and his people have surely been made aware that the polling graphic is false, which means at this point Trump is knowingly promoting fake poll numbers by leaving the tweet intact.

So there you have it. Donald Trump has even lower ethical standards than Fox News, which has no ethical standards to begin with. We suppose next time Trump will have to stick to quoting the laugh-out-loud Rasmussen poll if he wants to pretend he’s popular with the American people.

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