Donald Trump goes apoplectic as his Trump-Russia criminal defense strategy collapses

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the House Democrats closing in on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal by the hour, now is the time when Trump should be rolling out his best ideas, his best people, and his best strategies for getting himself off the legal hook. The trouble: he clearly doesn’t have any. Now he’s doing what he always does when he realizes he’s failed. He’s going berserk and scapegoating people.

Within hours of each other, two major news outlets have published insider accounts of how Donald Trump is going off the deep end as his criminal defense team – Rudy Giuliani in particular – utterly fails him. Vanity Fair says Trump is “furious” at how Giuliani keeps blowing it in public appearance after public appearance. Politico says that Trump is “apoplectic” about Rudy’s recent failed media interviews. But here’s the thing: Giuliani failing on television is nothing new.

Rudy Giuliani has botched Donald Trump’s legal defense nearly every time he’s opened his mouth, going back nine months to when he first joined the team. Rudy has revealed several damning things that weren’t public. He’s flat out confessed that Trump is guilty of several felonies. Why would Trump suddenly start caring now that his most visible criminal defense attorney is a babbling idiot who’s been blowing the case all along?


The most logical explanation is that all along, Donald Trump has wanted Rudy Giuliani out there saying controversial things and creating distractions, because Trump has thought of this as a matter for the court of public opinion. Perhaps now Trump is finally realizing that he’s facing the kind of criminal jeopardy that will likely cost him everything, and that he can’t keep himself and his family out of prison simply by sending a senile buffoon onto television to muddy the waters each day. In any case, Trump is clearly scapegoating Rudy for the fact that Trump has had the wrong strategy all along.

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