Donald Trump labeled “Antichrist” amid calls for 25th Amendment, after Trump declares himself “King of Israel” and the “Chosen One”

How far down the rabbit hole has Donald Trump gone? He just canceled a planned meeting with Denmark because it’s refusing to sell Greenland to him – and that not even the most asinine thing he’s done in the past twenty-four hours. In fact Trump has gone so far off the deep end today, we’re not even sure where to start.

This morning Donald Trump quoted disturbed lunatic Wayne Allyn Root on Twitter, who suggested that Trump was the “King of Israel.” Then Trump went in front of the television cameras and declared that “I am the chosen one” when it comes to dealing with China. These may sound like stories rejected by the Onion, but this stuff really happened this morning – and keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who’s in the midst of a tantrum because Greenland isn’t for sale.

The fallout from Donald Trump’s psychotic meltdown came fast and furious. “Antichrist” began trending on Twitter, as various observers pointed out that what Trump tweeted about being the “King of Israel” comes close to various descriptions of the Antichrist. The hashtag #25thAmendmentNow also began trending, as numerous people called for Trump to be immediately removed from office, on the grounds that he’s mentally unfit to remain on the job.

Now of course comes the question of whether Donald Trump really is having a mental breakdown, or if he’s faking one as an excuse to not have to go through with losing the 2020 election amid worsening poll numbers, or if he’s perhaps even faking this in the hope of avoiding the prison sentence that awaits him once he’s out of office. In any case, Trump has reached the point of no return.

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