“Answer the question!”


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Amid the red clay and swaying pine trees in the Peachtree state, an interesting event was taking place. Voices could be heard in the distance, becoming louder and more agitated with each passing second. “Answer the question!!!”

“Answer the question, Herschel,” screamed people at Officer Herschel Walker’s own campaign event. That’s right. Herschel Walker, wanna-be Police officer, and connoisseur of bad decisions, had an event in Atlanta outside the Columbia Towers Apartment building where he was jeered at by his own audience.

Senator Warnock owns this building, and Walker was hoping to convince people that Warnock is a lousy landlord. Things didn’t go quite as he’d hoped. “I’m going to take a couple of questions,” Walker beamed.

Herschel got a question, alright. He was asked if any of the people standing behind him had been evicted from this building. Obviously, the answer is no. They were being used as “props.”

Only Walker did not want to say that. So giving new meaning to the term,” bad cop”, Walker proceeded to melt down — and give the people a glimpse of that famous Herschel walker temper.

“I hope you’re going to go in,” Walker shot back . “Are you going to do that” he demanded. ‘Are you going to do that or not?”

The reporter asked the question again.

“Next question” Walker yelled, ignoring the question entirely.

This caused instant chaos.

“Answer the question,” the crowd screamed.

“Answer the question, answer the question.”

“Next,” Walker called out.

“Answer the question.”


Never mess with southerners, Herschel. Also, please realize that when you lie at campaign events, your lies WILL come back to haunt you. “Answer the question!” Walker never did.


Palmer Report 2024 GoFundMe

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