Another person connected to Rudy Giuliani has just been arrested

Rudy Giuliani was already set to have a bad day today. Yesterday he announced that he no longer needs a lawyer in his Ukraine scandal, which is never a good sign for obvious reasons. Then last night the news broke that Rudy tried to have a guy in Pennsylvania snatched up and shipped off to Turkey, because the one thing this scandal needed was a kidnapping subplot. Now it turns out today has gotten even worse for Rudy.

Last week Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested for their roles in the Ukraine extortion scandal that was being carried out by Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. Since that time it’s turned out that Rudy was on the payroll of a company run by Parnas, and that Trump has spent years having his picture taken with Parnas, making clear that these two henchmen are deeply tied into this mess. Now yet another person connected to the scandal has been arrested.

This morning the FBI arrested David Correia, who is also named in the indictment against Parnas and Fruman, according to a report from NBC New York. To be clear, Correia isn’t known to be directly connected to Rudy. But Correia is very much (allegedly) connected to the criminal schemes of Parnas and Fruman, and that kind of indirect connection is bad news for Rudy. If Correia flips on Frick and Frack, they’ll have to flip on Giuliani.

The news for Rudy Giuliani just keeps getting worse. Federal investigators say they’ve already sifted through his banking records, which means they already know about every dollar of dirty foreign money he’s illegally taken, and what crimes he’s committed in return for those payoffs. Perhaps Rudy has decided he doesn’t need a lawyer because there’s no saving him at this point anyway.

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