Another one bites the dust

Donald Trump isn’t going to stop coming up with new plans to try to put himself into contention for 2020. The trouble for him is that each time one of his plans fails, he has to resort to trying an even more ridiculous plan, whose odds of working are even more remote. Now another one of Trump’s increasingly dumb plans has bitten the dust.

Trump’s Plan A was to conspire with Ukraine to rig the election. When that didn’t work, Plan B was to use his impeachment to somehow become more popular. That didn’t work either, so Plan C was to force the DOJ Inspector General to announce that the FBI framed his campaign. That obviously went nowhere, so Plan D was to assassinate Iran’s Soleimani, and hope it would somehow boost his poll numbers.

That obviously hasn’t worked either, and now Iran has turned into yet another ugly scandal for Trump. But that’s okay, because Plan E was waiting in the wings. It consisted of the DOJ investigating – wait for it – Hillary Clinton’s emails. Apparently, in Trump’s mind, the DOJ was going to find that Hillary somehow did something wrong with her emails, when we all know by now that it was an overwhelmingly fake scandal.

It’s not clear how this was supposed to magically help Donald Trump in 2020, as Hillary isn’t even running this time. But it is clear that, after a two-plus year investigation, Trump’s own DOJ has found that Hillary did nothing wrong with her emails. And thus “Plan E” goes down the drain, as another one bites the dust. The kicker is that Trump and Bill Barr couldn’t even force their own DOJ to put out a falsified report. We can’t wait to see what Trump’s “Plan F” looks like.


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