Another one bites the dust

If there’s been one constant in Donald Trump’s chaotic and collapsing administration, it’s been the nonstop personnel turnover. So many of Trump’s people have been fired, or resigned amid scandal, or resigned in protest of Trump, we’ve lost count. Many of the vacated positions never have been filled with new people. Now Trump has lost yet another person, this time in spectacularly absurd fashion.

Last week NBC News reported that Mina Chang got a high ranking job in the Trump State Department by faking a Harvard Business School degree, and by – incredibly – faking a Time Magazine cover with her own face on it. Chang has finally resigned today, even though she’s still disputing the NBC report about her. We’re not sure how that works; either these things were faked or they weren’t. But whatever, she’s gone now, adding to a long list of Trump administration personnel who have departed in ridiculous fashion.

Donald Trump’s first White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal; he’s since pleaded guilty and is on his way to prison. Apprentice personality Omarosa was fired from her White House job by John Kelly, and then security reportedly dragged her out of the building.

Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson while he was on the toilet. Trump fired his third White House National Security Adviser John Bolton via tweet; Bolton is now considering testifying against Trump in House impeachment proceedings. This is just the short list of Trump administration people who resigned or were fired in controversial and/or asinine fashion.

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