Here’s the thing about this “anonymous” new White House insider book about Donald Trump

More details are surfacing tonight about the upcoming book written by the anonymous Trump White House insider. It turns out Trump is moody, confused, slurs his words, says inappropriate things, and basically all around sucks. In other words, the book is going to tell us a bunch of things that we already know.

There are a few things in this new book excerpt that are illuminating. For instance, the author and others considered a mass resignation in protest of Donald Trump’s unfitness as president. The operative word there is “considered.” Why didn’t they do it? Presumably, they decided that they wanted to retain their positions of power, and wanted to continue carrying out their own personal agendas from within the White House, instead of doing something that could make a difference.

Michael McKinley resigned from the State Department and testified against Donald Trump. Colonel Vindman testified against Trump and still works at the White House. These people have real courage. The whistleblower has remained anonymous, but it’s not because he’s trying to maintain some position of power within the Trump regime; it’s because he fears for his safety.

The author of this book is just playing games with us. Are we really supposed to believe that one of Donald Trump’s own top people thinks he’s so unfit that a tell-all book must be written about him, yet this person wants to keep working alongside him? The naive notion that anyone could make Trump less awful by going to work for him has long since come and gone. If this book helps expose Trump, then so be it. But if the author really wanted to make a difference, he or she would resign and hit the Sunday morning talk show circuit in order to give credibility to the anonymous assertions in the book.

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