No wonder Donald Trump was so desperate to fire Andrew McCabe

Earlier this year we saw Donald Trump wage a months-long public battle to not only oust FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but to destroy him. Trump repeatedly tweeted every crazed lie about McCabe he could come up with. He forced the Department of Justice to fire McCabe just before he could retire. It wasn’t enough that Trump won; he wanted to bury this guy. The really weird part is that McCabe was not even involved in the Trump-Russia investigation.

At the time, it appeared Donald Trump was simply being his clinically obsessed bloodthirsty psychopath self. But in a surprise revelation tonight, CNN is reporting that Andrew McCabe opened an obstruction of justice criminal investigation into Trump in May of 2017. This took place during the brief eight day window between Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s subsequent appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller obviously took over that obstruction of justice probe, as part of his overall investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes, after he was appointed. But now we know that when Trump was carrying out that bizarre scorched earth campaign against Andrew McCabe, he was doing it against the guy who was in fact responsible for initiating the obstruction investigation into Trump.

In hindsight, it’s difficult to imagine that Donald Trump didn’t know about this at the time. Yes, he was hammering away like a psychotic lunatic at Andrew McCabe, but he wasn’t doing it at random. Someone must have tipped him off that it was McCabe who rang him up on obstruction to begin with, and Trump was seeking revenge for it. If Trump did know, he committed felony obstruction of justice by forcing McCabe out.