Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew Giuliani has angry shouting meltdown after federal raid

After the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s home today, he reacted in bonkers fashion, tweeting that he was about to do a live broadcast about it, then deleting the announcement tweet, and then surreally tweeting that “Rudy Giuliani is on fire.” Now Rudy’s son Andrew Giuliani is having a bonkers reaction of his own.

Andrew Giuliani, all around doofus and low-rent Will Ferrell impersonator, had a shouting meltdown today, as documented by our friends at the Recount:

It should be pointed out that while Donald Trump was President, and Rudy Giuliani was running around the world committing crimes for him, Andrew Giuliani held a high paying job in the Trump administration for which he was fully unqualified. Maybe Andrew is freaking out because he’s afraid the Feds will investigate him too.

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