Andrew Cuomo just bulldozed Donald Trump

A whole lot of prominent Democrats (and a few prominent Republicans) slammed Donald Trump last night during their Democratic National Convention speeches. By all accounts, Michelle Obama’s speech was the most eloquent and effective of the bunch – to the point that Trump is still struggling with his response to her.

But the speech that evoked the most over-the-top reaction from Donald Trump came from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Trump went into such a prolonged tailspin about Cuomo last night, at one point he ended up attacking Cuomo in five tweets in a row.

Andrew Cuomo, for his part, fired back at Donald Trump with this tweet: “Advice to the President: 1) When you are in a hole stop digging. The virus is real and spreading. Do your job on COVID. 2) Stop lying. You can’t play Americans for fools. The truth is defeating you.”


We don’t expect Donald Trump to take the advice, but Governor Cuomo is certainly in position to give it. Cuomo has managed to completely turn the coronavirus situation around in New York, to the point that the daily death toll in the state is now in the single digits, even as Trump has negligently allowed coronavirus to spin completely out of control nationwide.

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