Amy Klobuchar just got some really good news

Last night Palmer Report pointed out that Amy Klobuchar is emerging as a potential dark horse candidate in the Democratic 2020 primary race. Based on the responses, it appears some readers may not know what the term “dark horse” really means. It means someone who isn’t expected to win, but could pull it off if the top contenders end up canceling each other out. In any case, Klobuchar just got some really good news today, suggesting that we weren’t the only ones who thought she had a strong debate.

Amy Klobuchar just announced that in the less than twenty-four hour period since last night’s debate, she’s raised two million dollars. That’s a lot of money for a candidate who, based on national polling, isn’t currently in contention in the Democratic primary race. This windfall points to the possibility of what every candidate who’s way behind in the polls is hoping might be true: either the poll numbers are wrong, or the poll numbers are about to shift.

So now we wait. Klobuchar is obviously going to be able to use this influx of money to substantially increase her advertising spending. The two questions will be where she decides to use it, and whether it’ll win her new voters. She’s currently twenty points behind in the New Hampshire polls, with just a few days until the state votes. Will she try to make a major last minute push there, or will she invest in Super Tuesday states instead?

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