Here’s how we should really be dealing with Amy Coney Barrett

Having perverted beliefs is one thing. It’s a constitutional right. But in our society, acting on those beliefs and causing harm to others is a crime. When perverted creeps try to forcibly control women’s bodies, we put them in prison. When perverted creeps seek office to try to forcibly control women’s bodies, we should also put them in prison.

Amy Coney Barrett is no different than your average perverted creep who preys on others – and she’s already using her position in office to destroy people’s lives. She belongs in prison, not for her beliefs, but for the harm she’s actively trying to do others. Until society has the guts to adopt that mindset, perverted creeps like Amy Coney Barrett will continue to do devastating harm to society.

Speaking of prison: after Trump loses, Republican Senator Mike Lee has to be criminally prosecuted for willfully spreading coronavirus during this hearing. Ten years hard labor for wantonly trying to infect people with coronavirus. If you think that’s too harsh, too bad. The time for playing around is over. Lock him up!

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