Donald Trump has berserk meltdown about Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump lost to Nancy Pelosi yet again on Saturday when he made a disingenuous compromise offer on his border wall. It wasn’t anything that the Democrats were going to accept, and the mere offer to make pro-immigrant concessions was enough to prompt some of Trump’s base to turn against him. In the process, Trump threw San Antonio under the bus by falsely claiming that 1) it’s surrounded by a wall, and 2) it’s on the Mexican border. Now Trump is throwing a different U.S. city under the bus.

After Donald Trump lost to Nancy Pelosi, he did what he always does: he lashed out in inappropriate fashion. Not only did he launch a vicious and factually inaccurate attack on Pelosi, he also decided to viciously attack San Francisco, apparently just for the heck of it.

Here’s what Trump spewed across his Twitter page: “Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally & has gone so far to the left that she has now officially become a Radical Democrat. She is so petrified of the “lefties” in her party that she has lost control…And by the way, clean up the streets in San Francisco, they are disgusting!”


For the record, there is no evidence that Nancy Pelosi has “lost control” of her party; the Democrats have shown that they’re fully behind her in the battle against Donald Trump. In addition, Pelosi has always been a lefty; after all, she represents the liberal city of San Francisco. If Trump knew anything about America, he’d know that.

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