Donald Trump’s White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah gives up and quits

The rats just keep leaving the sinking ship. Some are doing so involuntarily, such as Donald Trump’s operative Heidi Stirrup, who got banned from the Department of Justice today for malfeasance. Others, such as Trump’s White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah, are simply resigning and moving on. Notably, Farah had only been on the job since April. So she joined the ship while it was sinking, and is leaving now that it’s nearing the bottom of the sea.

It’s been such a chaotic revolving door, we’ve actually lost track of just how many White House Communications Directors that Donald Trump ended up having. Anthony Scaramucci famously had the job for eleven days. Hope Hicks had the job at one point. Sean Spicer held the title in an acting capacity at two different points. Jason Miller was given the job but managed to lose it in scandal before even starting the job. Mike Dubke, Stephanie Grisham, and Bill Shine all had the job as well. There were long stretches where Trump’s White House Communications Director post was simply left absent. What a joke.

– President elect Joe Biden has now pulled ahead of Donald Trump by seven million votes and counting. This election was never even remotely close.

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