Michael Cohen just incriminated Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr

Michael Cohen’s under-oath testimony reveals Donald Trump to be a liar and a cheat. While many Americans already know this about the “President,” this testimony may be the first time many of Trump’s supporters hear many of these characterizations of him.

Clearly one of the most damning pieces of Cohen’s testimony involves payments from Donald Trump to Michael Cohen to reimburse Cohen for hush money payments he made on behalf of Donald Trump. Michael Cohen described a criminal conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws that directly involved Donald Trump, Don Jr, and Allen Weisselberg. This testimony is indicative of at least two felony charges against both Donald Trump, and Don Jr: federal election campaign law violations, and conspiracy to commit federal election campaign law violations.

Michael Cohen provided a check signed by Donald Trump to the committee, because this check proves that Donald Trump himself knew and was involved in the conspiracy. Cohen also stated that additional payments were made by Donald Trump Jr, and Allen Weisselberg.

Allen Weisselberg has been given immunity in exchange for his full cooperation, so it can be assumed that he has provided testimony and evidence to further prove these (and other) charges. The bottom line is that Michael Cohen revealed in his testimony that Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr, committed two serious felonies, and the evidence and proof that exists surrounding these felonies should easily prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.