Last night Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo conspired to oust the State Department Inspector General. It was a Friday night, which is usually a dead zone for media coverage, and they presumably hoped no one would notice. The trouble is, as soon as the ousted the IG, House Democrats revealed that the IG was actively investigating Pompeo.

This kind of obstruction of justice is a crime. It’s the latest in a long, long, long – and escalating – series of crimes being committed by Donald Trump and his people. They’ve doubled down on their crime spree so thoroughly, in a last ditch effort at keeping the walls from caving in before the election, there are now only two possible outcomes.

The first outcome is that Donald Trump wins the election, and he and his henchmen get away with everything. The second outcome is that Trump loses the election, and he and all of his people go down for everything. At this point it’s for all the marbles. These two possible outcomes couldn’t be any more divergent, yet one or the other will happen. Either we lose everything or Trump and his goons lose everything.

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