All hell is about to break loose

Donald Trump’s internal filter, to the extent that he ever had one, is now all but completely gone. The start of impeachment appears to have pushed him into territory where he has zero control, and perhaps close to zero understanding, of what’s coming out of his mouth. At the rate things are going, this condition will quickly get significantly worse for him.

Take, for instance, Donald Trump’s speech on Thursday night. Yes, he’s always deranged when he holds rallies. But he’s now at the point where he’s claiming that he looks orange because of energy saving lightbulbs. During his speech he called Kevin McCarthy, his close ally, a “cow” to his face for no conceivable reason. No wonder his handlers have seemingly been trying to keep him from would-be appearances in places like Poland.

So why did I say in the title that all hell is about to break loose? Thus far, Donald Trump’s worsening blabbermouth has only served to make him look crazy and senile, give or take. But we’ve all seen this script before, with other people who are holding onto a lot of secrets, and are reaching a point where they can no longer control what comes out of their mouth on any level.

We’re also seeing a specific shift with Trump, where he’s now admitting things like the fact that his face is orange, if still lying about the reason why. This is a guy who never in his life would have admitted that he has the skin hue of the Great Pumpkin; his vanity and narcissism would never have allowed it. Yet he’s now in the kind of mental condition where he’s letting those kinds of bits of truth slip out.

How long before Donald Trump blurts out the real reason he’s been bowing down to Vladimir Putin? How long before he admits he’s a money laundering con artist? This is a guy whose entire presidency, and indeed his entire life, are a carefully constructed series of lies. Trump, the most infamous liar of his generation, is soon going to end up taking himself down by inadvertently telling the truth.

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