Donald Trump’s ALL CAPS meltdown gives away that he thinks the gig is up

After a multi-day absence from Twitter which still has yet to be explained, Donald Trump decided to make up for lost time today. He also decided that his caps lock key was his new best friend. His ranting began with a misattributed quote from a Fox News propagandist, and by the time he was four tweets into it, he was reduced to yelling “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION” and “WITCH HUNT!” in all capital letters, just in case anyone wasn’t clear on just how much he meant it.

Trump began his meltdown by posting a quote from “Judge” Andrew Napolitano of Fox News infamy which included deranged conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. It’s never a good sign for Trump when he feels compelled to randomly rant about Hillary. It’s also not a good sign that Trump credited the quote to the wrong Judge Napolitano account on Twitter, because he finds creative ways to screw everything up. From there, it somehow got even worse.

Trump then went on to quote yet another Fox News talking head, before quoting Ken Starr of all people. Strangely enough, in the middle of his Ken Starr quote, Trump decided that Starr must have been speaking very loudly, as he decided to present it in this manner: “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.” Then four minutes later, presumably to help further create the appearance of someone who had just accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with a spork he found in a gutter, Trump posted another tweet which simply read “WITCH HUNT!” with no other context.

Suffice it to say that Donald Trump is more in need of professional psychological help than ever. It’s clear that something is very off here, even more so than usual. We still don’t know what’s got him so much more rattled than usual, but it’s pretty clear that, in this moment at least, he thinks the gig is up.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report