Melania Trump: alive or dead?

James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, posted this today and it got me thinking: “It’s unlikely Trump murdered Melania in a fit of rage and the people around him are helping to cover it up while they figure out what to do next. But the fact I used the word “unlikely” instead of “impossible” or “ludicrous” kinda shows you the state of our leadership today.” He has a point. It’s not that any of us really think Melania Trump is dead, or locked up in a dungeon. It’s that we even have to consider the possibility – and it raises other questions.

Try to imagine if Michelle Obama had vanished for three weeks while her husband was President, and the White House was refusing to say an honest word about where she was or why. It would have been suspicious, maybe even scandalous, and even some of President Obama’s supporters would have been demanding an explanation. But no sane person would have thought “Hmm, maybe Barack killed her.” Let’s say it was Laura Bush who had disappeared while First Lady. Even those of us with a very low opinion of George W. Bush would never have instinctively thought “Yeah maybe George murdered her.”

Let’s try to keep this realistic. Melania Trump is a Secret Service protectee. The agents wouldn’t stand by and allow her demise at the hands of anyone, not even Donald Trump. But what if, hypothetically, he beat her up while they weren’t around? It’s not appropriate to accuse a guy of domestic violence without evidence. But considering the circumstances, maybe it’s time to start asking the question.

Whatever you think of Donald or Melania Trump, and however little you care about the fate of their marriage, this is a serious scandal. If the White House had told us up front that Melania was going to lay low because her health issue was worse than expected, we’d have all left it alone. Instead they’ve fed us one suspicious lie after another, which makes it our business. It’s also –as James Gunn pointed out – a reminder that Donald Trump is such a demented maniac and spiraling so badly out of control, we have to stop and at least consider the very remote possibility that his wife is missing because he murdered her.

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