Ali Alexander is having a really bad day – and so are Roger Stone and Mo Brooks

Now that the initial round of January 6th Committee subpoena recipients have stupidly decided to defy their subpoenas, they’ll face criminal referrals to the Department of Justice – and we’re particularly looking forward to seeing them make an example out of Steve Bannon. Even as this plays out, the committee is moving on to a more important round of subpoenas.

The January 6th Committee just subpoenaed Ali Alexander, the self-confessed centerpiece of the “Stop the Steal” nonsense and the January 6th Capitol attack. Alexander has previously publicly claimed that three House Republicans including Mo Brooks conspired with him; this claim is given credibility by Brooks’ insurrectionist speech to the Capitol invaders just before they attacked.

Alexander has apparently been in hiding ever since, even as we’ve waited to see at what stage in its January 6th criminal probe the DOJ would hunt him down and bring him in. But now the issue is about to be forced, because the January 6th Committee just subpoenaed him. This means that if he can’t be found, the U.S. Marshals can hunt him down and deliver the subpoena if necessary. Whatever unsophisticated strategy he’s been using to remain in “hiding” this year will likely be no match for that.


So Ali Alexander is having a bad day. So are, obviously, the three House Republicans he’s incriminated in the Capitol attack. But the committee has also subpoenaed just about everyone involved with the “Stop the Steal” nonsense. Given that Roger Stone was behind that particular criminal conspiracy, this is a particularly bad day for him. Keep in mind that Stone’s pardon came two weeks before January 6th, and therefore by definition doesn’t cover his actions in relation to the Capitol attack. This is a bad day to be Roger Stone.

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