Here’s just how badly Alabama has screwed up with its anti-abortion law

The Republican Governor of Alabama has signed into law the bill that was passed yesterday by the Alabama Senate, banning abortion in all instances. This new law is an abominable attack on women’s rights, it’s disgusting, it’ll ruin a lot of lives, and it’s also plainly unconstitutional. If the goal of the law is to force the Supreme Court to review Roe v Wade and potentially overturn it, let’s just say that’s off to a bad start.

One would think that all of the masochistic right-wing faux-evangelists, who have built their entire entire careers on the assholic notion that God doesn’t want women to have abortions (despite the bible saying no such thing), would all be popping the champagne right now. After all, this Alabama law is precisely what they’ve been begging for. But influential far-right fake preacher Pat Robertson just came out against the Alabama law.

Pat Robertson says the Alabama law is “extreme” and has “gone too far.” No really, he said this today. He doesn’t believe this, of course. But far-right fake preachers like Robertson have never cared about the morality of abortion to begin with; it’s merely a wedge issue for them, which allows them to carve out a profitable faux-Christian cult following. Robertson is politically savvy enough to know what this law could soon lead to.

This Alabama law could easily be struck down by the Supreme Court. It’ll come down to Chief Justice John Roberts. He’s a conservative, but he’s also a corrupt power broker whose votes have consistently been based on increasing his own personal power and influence, not on his ideology. Roberts knows that if he outlaws abortion nationwide, the next election would likely hand the Democrats total control over the federal government – and it would remain that way until they were able to swap out enough of the Supreme Court such that abortion would become legal again. Roberts wants a conservative court, because then he gets to have the most influence over it. If he outlaws abortion, his relevance ends.

So there’s a really good chance that the Supreme Court – even with a fake Christian like Neal Gorsuch and an alleged serial rapist like Brett Kavanaugh – could strike down this Alabama law. Such a ruling could also instantly invalidate every existing red state law aimed at making it difficult to get an abortion. Scumbags like Pat Robertson have put in so much effort to stealth-ban abortion – and they’ve cashed in by taking credit for it – but this Alabama law could cause all of it to come crashing down.

There’s a reason Robertson is publicly lashing out at this law, and it’s not because he’s suddenly developed a conscience or figured out that women are inherently entitled to equal rights. He just thinks this law has a strong chance of backfiring in catastrophic fashion for his own side. That’s how badly Alabama has screwed up here – and that’s before getting to the boycotts that’ll financially cripple the entire state if it doesn’t back down.

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