Donald Trump threatens student protesters at Alabama football game

Donald Trump keeps attending sporting events, presumably in the hope that the crowd will fawn all over him and make him feel better about himself as his entire life falls apart. But the World Series and the UFC fight night aren’t Trump rallies, and Trump got roundly booed at both. Now Trump is trying again, and he’s taking the bizarre step of threatening potential protesters.

Donald Trump is supposedly going to attend an upcoming University of Alabama college football game. He must have figured he would get a warmer welcome in a deeply red state. But college campuses tend to be far more enlightened than your typical Trump rally. And so the Alabama Student Government Association issued a warning to students which was widely interpreted as a threat that if they dare to boo Trump, they’ll lose their seats for the rest of the football season.

The Alabama SGA ended up issuing a followup statement spelling out its regret at having implied a political context to its warning, and stressed that it was instead merely talking about “altercations.” But by that time, had posted this tweet: “The Alabama SGA warns groups: Protest Trump during the LSU game and risk losing your reserved seating.” Donald Trump then retweeted that tweet.

Don’t underestimate the significance of this. The President of the United States just threatened a bunch of college kids that if they dare to boo him during a football game, they’ll lose their access to future football games. This is nothing short of maniacal. It’s impeachable all on its own. If anything, Trump is only further encouraging University of Alabama students to boo him – and at this point we wonder if his babysitters will even let him attend the game.

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