Air Force just threw Donald Trump under the bus

Mike Pence’s decision to stay at a Trump resort on the taxpayer dime has set off a chain of events, making it possible for the media to expose that the Air Force has been pumping money into a Trump-owned property as well. Now things have escalated, prompting the Air Force to throw Trump under the bus.

Earlier this weekend it was reported that Air Force crew members stopped at Donald Trump’s Turnberry property in Scotland for what couldn’t possibly have been above-board reasons. This led the House Oversight Committee to immediately launch an investigation into why the U.S. military was improperly lining Trump’s pockets.

In response, the Air Force has confirmed to Politico that seven Air Force crew members did indeed stay at Turnberry in March of this year. It’s not difficult to figure out why the Air Force is throwing Trump under the bus so quickly. Whatever he did as Commander-in-Chief to coerce Air Force personnel into spending money at his resort, he’s sullied the reputation of the United States military in the process.

Donald Trump will no doubt attempt to interfere with any Air Force effort to formally cooperate with the House Oversight Committee probe. But by publicly confirming that the incident did indeed happen, the Air Force is signaling to Congress that it’s eager to provide information about this Trump scandal by any unofficial means possible.

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