After ex-girlfriend testimony, criminal case against Matt Gaetz reportedly a “slam dunk” – and he’s being indicted

Earlier today Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend testified to the grand jury in the federal criminal case against him, according to multiple major news outlets. This is a huge deal because she’s also a target of this investigation and she’s testifying in exchange for leniency, meaning prosecutors wouldn’t put her in front of the grand jury unless they 1) already knew every word she was going to say, and 2) they’ve already decided to indict him.

Sure enough, our friends at Meidas Touch are now reporting that according to one of their sources, Gaetz is being indicted, and the criminal case against him is a “slam dunk.” This isn’t surprising, given that the Feds only bother to indict someone once they’ve built a slam dunk case that they’re certain they’ll win at trial, and that they wouldn’t go to the step of having an alleged co-conspirator testify against Gaetz unless they’re absolutely going to indict.


This still leaves everyone on social media asking the question of when it’ll happen. But at this point that’s less important than learning that it will happen, which we apparently just did. Matt Gaetz is still publicly denying everything, and he may use his upcoming indictment and arrest to make a spectacle out of himself; we’ll see. But the Feds are apparently certain that they’re going to win at trial and that Gaetz will lose – and if that’s the case, then Gaetz’s usual antics will only bury him further, and make a real mess for the rest of the Republican House heading into the midterms.

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