Donald Trump admits he’s losing

In an era as deranged as this one, there are few things more tricky than parsing what winning and losing are supposed to look like. America certainly isn’t winning, in the sense that a mentally unstable foreign operative has hijacked the White House. Donald Trump isn’t winning either, in the sense that he’s deeply unpopular, his agenda has gone nowhere, and half his top lieutenants have been picked off.

But in the sense that America vs Donald Trump is a war, the “winner” is the side that absorbs the losses and is still standing after the other side collapses. In that regard, Trump definitely isn’t winning, considering that he’s severely behind in his attempt at winning reelection, and he’s already been rubber-stamped for a lifetime in prison if he loses reelection. Few things scream “I’m losing” more loudly than when you start making up excuses for why you’re losing – as Trump just did.

During the middle of this disastrous UK visit, Trump posted this tweet: “If the totally Corrupt Media was less corrupt, I would be up by 15 points in the polls based on our tremendous success with the economy, maybe Best Ever! If the Corrupt Media was actually fair, I would be up by 25 points. Nevertheless, despite the Fake News, we’re doing great!” Well, that was his second attempt, after initially blaming the “Corrup Media” and deleting. But that’s not the point.

Donald Trump just acknowledged that he’s losing in every 2020 poll, against every Democratic candidate in contention. At this stage the incumbent is supposed to have a built-in advantage. But because Trump is losing so badly at this whole “presidency” thing, he’s in deep trouble for 2020 as well. And unlike every other U.S. President who’s sought reelection, he’s going to prison if he loses. No wonder he’s already scapegoating the media; his narcissism prevents him from blaming himself.

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