Did the GOP just admit that it knew about the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations before he was nominated?

Based on his track record of saying the moderate thing and doing the extremist thing, Republican Senator Ben Sasse can’t be relied upon to tell the truth. So when he announced yesterday that he was still undecided on whether to vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there was no reason to believe him. But Sasse went on to say something else that rang a little too true.

Senator Sasse is now trying to convince anyone who will listen that he originally tried to convince Donald Trump to nominate someone other than Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, he keeps insisting that he tried to get Trump to nominate an unnamed woman to the Supreme Court. On the surface, it sounded like Sasse was just trying to provide cover for himself, for when he ends up voting for Kavanaugh. But Sasse may have blown it when he tried to explain why he tried to get Trump to nominate a woman.

Ben Sasse said that the Senate was “not at all well prepared to handle potential allegations of sexual harassment and assault that might have come forward” (source: Newsweek). Whoa, wait a minute here. Why on earth would Sasse have expected there to be sexual misconduct accusations of any kind against Brett Kavanaugh? There were no such accusations against Neil Gorsuch when he was nominated last year. In fact no Supreme Court nominee has faced such accusations since Clarence Thomas, a generation ago.

So did Ben Sasse have a crystal ball when he expected there to be sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh? Or did he just admit that he and the Republican Party knew about Kavanaugh’s history? Keep in mind that that Democrats recently revealed that one of Kavanaugh’s prior FBI background checks revealed allegations of misconduct. Were Trump and the GOP trying to keep a lid on this from day one? Something isn’t right here.