Donald Trump’s allies admit he’s a goner

For the past week, based on Donald Trump’s publicly visible words and actions, Palmer Report has pointed out that he’s now tepidly and confusedly sitting around and waiting to be finished off. He’s done nothing as his few remaining allies have begun rapidly turning against him. He’s done nothing to try to stop those who would take him down, instead settling for ranting about actors and steel tariffs. Now confirmation is coming from within Trump’s own inner circle that he is indeed a goner.

Donald Trump is now being described as everything from “angry” to “isolated” to “uncertain about whom to trust” who has descended into “pure madness” and he’s collapsing so badly that he hasn’t yet “bottomed out.” None of this is coming from media pundits, or people who don’t like Trump. Instead these words are coming from Trump’s own closest allies, who are so afraid that Trump is a goner, they’re putting these words into the Washington Post (link) just to try to find a way to get the message across to him that he’s in a hopeless downward spiral.

Trump now seems to understand that there’s no longer anything he can do to prevent Robert Mueller from moving forward with his Trump-Russia investigation, which is now picking off Trump’s own people left and right, and is quickly moving toward Trump’s own doorstep. Palmer Report pointed out at the time that the Nunes memo felt like a last minute desperation swing. Sure enough, once it landed with a thud, Trump stopped even bothering to try any further schemes to sabotage the investigation.

So if you’ve spent the past week under the impression that the Hope Hicks resignation was a breaking point for Donald Trump’s fracturing psyche and failing spirit, and that his “Alex Baldwin” rant was a sign that he’s settling for irrelevant petty feuds in order to blow off steam as the walls cave in on him, it turns out you’re right.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report