There’s something weird going on with Adam Schiff and Bill Barr right now

It’s a story that’s not getting almost any media coverage this week, if perhaps only because there are too many other scandals playing out right now, and because this one is still a bit too poorly understood. But there’s something weird going on between House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Donald Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr, and whatever it is, it sounds like it’s really important.

On Friday, Adam Schiff subpoenaed Bill Barr’s Department of Justice over a whistleblower complaint that Barr is burying. Schiff is asserting that Barr is improperly trying to bury it in order to protect the misdeeds of Donald Trump and/or someone in the Trump regime. Okay, we’ve seen this script before; Barr tries to cover up every illegal or embarrassing thing that Trump does. But this one might be different.

Schiff’s subpoena alleged that the whistleblower complaint centers around “potentially privileged communications by persons outside the Intelligence Community,” according to Politico, which doesn’t really go into detail as to what that means. But to us it sounds like someone in the administration leaked classified information, someone else ratted that person out, and DOJ is trying to bury it.

Given the timing, and the importance with which Adam Schiff is placing on this matter, you have to wonder what this is all about. Could it be related to the recent revelation that the U.S. intel community had to extract a crucial asset from Russia, for fear that Trump might have sold that asset out to Putin? If so, does this mean someone in the Trump regime did leak the asset’s identity? Or is this about some other matter?

The tricky part about this is that it’s the kind of matter where so much of it is classified and/or sensitive, Schiff can’t even publicly disclose what he’s specifically subpoenaing, and why it’s so important. But this will soon end up in court, and Schiff will likely win. Perhaps then we’ll get answers. In the meantime, this one feels important, if confusing. Stay tuned.

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