Donald Trump just made a stunning threat against Adam Schiff

Fortunately for America, we keep being reminded that Donald Trump’s bark is still bigger than his bite. He thought he could magically throw former FBI official Andrew McCabe in prison simply because he didn’t like him, but after Bill Barr spent months pretending McCabe was being indicted, that whole house of cards came crashing down. Perhaps that’s why Trump has to be nonspecific about the threats he makes; he knows he may not be able to carry through on anything specific.

In any case, Donald Trump decided today that now would be a good time for him to resume his false accusations against House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. This time around, Trump threw in a threat that’s almost stunningly brazen:

Threatening someone with a “very unpleasant experience” is the kind of nonspecific thing that a mobster would say when he’s implying he’s going to use violence against someone. When the President of the United States is using this kind of rhetoric, he’s implying that he’s going to use the power of his office to carry this out. This is stunning, even for Donald Trump.

Again, fortunately, we keep seeing that Donald Trump isn’t even close to having the power to carry out the very worst of his threats – not yet, at least. This is why it’s more important than ever that the Democrats choose a nominee who can actually beat Trump in 2020.

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