Adam Schiff slam dunks Kevin McCarthy

After Donald Trump admitted to ABC News yesterday that he plans to illegally accept any help that foreign governments offer him in the 2020 election, most Republicans in Congress were smart enough to lay low. They’re afraid to speak up against him, but they know they can’t defend him on something this hideous. Then there’s House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is the opposite of smart.

McCarthy tried to help out Donald Trump today by spinning nonsensical conspiracy theories about how it’s actually the Democrats who have somehow been conspiring with foreign governments against Donald Trump. No one outside Trump’s base buys this crap, but McCarthy either doesn’t know that or doesn’t care. In any case, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was quick to put McCarthy in his place.

Adam Schiff posted this in response to McCarthy’s nonsense: “Kevin McCarthy has a lot of advice for Democrats leading investigations of Trump malfeasance. This, from the guy that said the Benghazi committee was a success if it hurt Clinton’s poll numbers. The hypocrisy takes your breath away. He should stick to sorting Starbursts.” Schiff then included a link to an earlier story about McCarthy having essentially bribed his way into a GOP leadership position by sending candy to the ever-narcissistic Trump.

This is also the same Kevin McCarthy who was caught on tape during the 2016 election having asserted (or arguably joked) that he believed Donald Trump was on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. Now McCarthy appears to have forgotten he ever said such a thing. Perhaps the sugar rush from all the Starburst candy may have gotten to him.

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