Adam Schiff reveals he has Lev Parnas up his sleeve

Last week it was reported that Lev Parnas had turned over Ukraine scandal audio and video recordings of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani to the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff didn’t bother to refute this report, which meant it was likely true. Now that the holiday weekend is over, Schiff is revealing that he really does have Parnas up his sleeve.

Adam Schiff appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC on Monday night and confirmed that he has been in communication with Lev Parnas’ attorney. If what Schiff has been getting from Parnas wasn’t promising, Schiff would be publicly downplaying expectations for it, so as to steer the public’s focus back to the witnesses who have already testified. Instead, Schiff is doing something else.

Schiff said on-air that the information he’s been getting from Parnas is “relevant.” He also made a point of spelling out that his coordination with Parnas will not interfere with the ongoing federal criminal case being brought by the SDNY. This is crucial because Schiff is flat out saying that what he’s getting from Parnas is the kind of evidence that can be used to bring criminal charges. This comes just hours after the SDNY revealed in court that superseding indictments in the Ukraine investigation are coming, which appears to point to criminal charges against Rudy Giuliani and perhaps others.

In other words, Adam Schiff is saying that what he’s gotten from Lev Parnas is the real deal. In fact it’s important enough, he has to make sure he doesn’t interfere with the criminal charges that are coming down the pike that could be based on this evidence. So much for the notion that the House Intelligence Committee’s role in the impeachment process is over. It sounds like Schiff is just getting started.

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