Adam Schiff just sent Donald Trump to the showers

House Democrats can’t begin formal televised impeachment hearings against Donald Trump in any meaningful way until they finish winning the necessary court battles over testimony and evidence, and everyone involved on both sides knows it. In the meantime, Trump is melting down more swiftly and alarmingly than ever.

Yesterday, Donald Trump sent the stock market off a cliff when he declared that his own Fed Chair Jay Powell was an enemy of the United States, and then “hereby ordered” that various major American companies cease doing business with China. That’s not a real thing, of course, so everyone began piling on accordingly. That’s when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff stepped up to the plate. Schiff posted this in response to Trump’s imaginary order:

I hereby order you stop jeopardizing our economy with these insane tweets.

I further hereby order our followers to retweet.

…did that work?

Because Senate Republicans would simply refuse to remove Donald Trump if House Democrats were to impeach him right now, the House Democrats are left fighting Trump with a war of words at the moment. In that sense, Adam Schiff just sent Trump to the showers.

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