“Absolute immunity”

Absolute immunity. Just think of those frightening words. Think of them because those are the words Trump and his legal team have just used to argue that litigation against him should be thrown out. This is the lawsuit filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell, several Capitol police officers, and other Democrats. The lawsuit accuses Trump of inciting the insurrection, which he did. But Jesse Binnall, Trump’s attorney, argued the insurrectionist has absolute immunity.”

This is quite the claim, and apparently, the Judge involved thought so too because he asked the Trump attorney if there were “anything a president could say to do in his capacity as a candidate that would not receive immunity.”

Binnall said no. He “could not think of an example.” Just think about that. Does Trump think if he robbed a bank while President, he would receive “absolute immunity?” Does Trump think he’d get absolute immunity if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue?

Of course, he does — because he’s a traitor. His mind is a sewage hole, where junk thoughts gather, but none hold any basis in reality. But he’s wrong. This country is not a dictatorship. Nobody has absolute immunity, and nobody is above the law.


Trump was never elected king. We do not have kings in this country. Trump may well WISH he were king — seated on a golden throne with the country, his willing servants, ready, willing, and able to cater to his every need. Only that is not who and what we are. We are a free society. America is mighty. We are loved because of our freedoms. And we suffer no wanna-be-kings. Not in America.

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