Donald Trump has no idea what’s about to hit him

As Donald Trump spends his time traversing the United States for his near nightly campaign rallies for Republicans in close midterm elections, there is a growing sense of fear and worry in the White House and Trump’s inner circle. According to a recent article in McClatchy, Trump’s closest supporters are speaking out anonymously about their concerns for the coming offensive should Democrats take back power in the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Should Republicans lose one or both houses of Congress, Democrat-led investigations into every Trump scandal will begin almost immediately after the new congressional term begins in January. The majority party has the power to issue subpoenas and determine the agenda in each committee. With so many different Trump scandals needing to be investigated, five Republicans with close ties to the White House fear that not enough preparation is being done, saying that Trump aides “are wasting time trying to respond to non-stop controversies, Trump tweets and the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

“It’s the beginning of a nightmare,” said a former Trump adviser. “The harassment, the hearings, the requests.” Despite all of this newfound anxiety, it appears that nobody has actually bothered to inform Trump of the political disaster that likely awaits him in just a few months. If Trump was informed of the need to step up preparations he clearly did not heed the warning, as there have been no reports of new staff that would be necessary to counter the many congressional hearings that Democrats have already publicly mentioned.

With a record number of White House departures having already occurred, and so many of those positions still vacant, it is likely to be difficult to properly staff the necessary personnel to prepare Trump for what will happen if Democrats regain power. “They are having trouble getting lawyers in because Trump shoots his mouth off and expects personal loyalty,” said Richard Painter, who served as chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush White House. “He’s an impossible client.”