Donald Trump is about to get hit with a crushing blow

We all know that Donald Trump doesn’t care how many Americans suffer or die due to the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting economic collapse. But we do know that he cares greatly about how the death and suffering will end up impacting his reelection chances. This is where it gets ugly for him.

Up to now, the coronavirus has been the worst in places like New York, California, and Washington State – places where he wasn’t going to win a single Electoral College vote anyway. In his depraved mind, who cares how many people die in these states? They’re worthless to his reelection bid anyway. But when things started flaring up in Michigan, we saw where this starts to get dicey for him.

Trump badly needs to win Michigan, yet he can’t figure out how to do it. If he works with the state’s Democratic Governor, he risks a scenario where she gets the credit for the response, and Michiganders end up voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. So he’s been trying the surreal strategy of basically telling people in Michigan they’re going to die because they elected a Democratic Governor, in the hope that this will somehow motivate them to vote Republican in November. This is obviously not much of a strategy. But it gets even worse for him.

The next coronavirus hotspot appears to be Florida, where the response is going to be a mess, because Governor Ron DeSantis is a corrupt inept idiot. Donald Trump won’t even be able to scapegoat the Governor, because DeSantis is a Republican and a close Trump ally. When the people in Florida look for someone to blame for the woeful coronavirus response, they’re going to end up blaming Trump and the GOP. That’ll make it harder for Trump to win Florida, which is always close, and which the Democrats have won in two out of the last three presidential elections.


That’s before getting further into the calendar, when the coronavirus flashpoint starts moving into rural areas. These folks are Donald Trump’s base. Even in red states, the rural residents have to turn out and vote Republican in order to outnumber the people in that state’s bigger cities, which usually vote Democrat. Trump could find himself playing defense in states that aren’t usually in play, with the coronavirus crisis hitting them the hardest this summer, which is dangerously close to the election.

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