Donald Trump is being abandoned and berated by his own people

Throughout this election cycle, a number of prominent longtime Republicans have come out in favor of Joe Biden, with former Governor John Kasich even speaking at the Democratic Convention back in August. This isn’t too unusual. After all, a number of conservatives, particularly those who spent their careers in national security endorsed Hillary Clinton four years ago and have come out in favor of Biden this time. Over the last few days, however, we’ve seen a number of former Trump administration officials come out in support of Biden – first a former chief of staff from the Department of Homeland Security, then Mike Pence’s former aide and a former aide of Betsy DeVos is actively campaigning against him.

As dozens of staffers appeared to be turning away and lashing out against the administration, Palmer Report suspected there was something of a pattern going on – happening around the same time as an endless series of embarrassing leaks. Now, the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR), another prominent group fighting against Trump’s re-election, has revealed that one of its most prominent backers is a top official currently working in the U.S. government, and that someone else, currently working in the administration is expected to resign in October and publicly denounce Donald Trump, though no other clues were given about the identity of either one.

You may wonder, not illogically, why either of these people waited so long to come forward, as things only spiraled further out of control. There’s probably a good chance they’re acting selfishly – seeing how much more money they can milk out of the administration while they can, but the timing is also important. The worst stories coming out of the Trump administration about his treatment of refugees or of protesters are actually appealing to his base, because a lot of them wish they could behave just as badly with no repercussions.

Seeing an administration unravel before our eyes, as Trump is berated and abandoned by his own people, however, frames him as the one thing he doesn’t want to be: a weak and incompetent loser – and a number of those on the fence are likely to see it too.

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