A message to anti-vaxxers

It is my distinct displeasure to personally know an anti-vaxxer in real life. He is loudly self-righteous, boastful about his trustworthiness, constantly reminds people of how honest he is, is shockingly but unsurprisingly untrustworthy, a liar, a disloyal conman and an ignoramus. He posts anti-vaxxer propaganda memes by the score on social media.

He once exposed his own staggering ignorance about medical science when he told me the reason I never got negative side effects from my two Pfizer jabs was because I got “the placebo injections.” He’s so ignorant he thinks vaccine rollouts include placebos. When I informed him that he’s confusing vaccine rollouts with clinical trials he confessed he didn’t know that. There’s quite a lot he doesn’t know.

And yet, despite demonstrating his staggering ignorance, he gives medical advice to anyone who will listen, medical advice that could be lethal. He is full of parroted, unoriginal ideas, including that it’s “obvious” to him that the “PLANdemic” is a hoax, and he’s shocked that everyone else isn’t as clever as he is for seeing the “obvious.” He’s classic Dunning-Kruger syndrome. I couldn’t care less if this stupid cretin’s ignorance costs him his life, but he’s married and the father of two small children. No doubt his children are in deadly danger of also being his victims. Needless to say he’s an ex-friend.

I have nothing to say to this idiot except this: if you get sick from COVID then stay the hell out of our hospitals. That goes for any other anti-vaxxer, anti-science moron who thinks he knows better than all the doctors across the world who independently report that 99.9% of people suffering from COVID who are on ventilators have not been vaccinated. COVID-19 is killing unvaccinated people in huge uncontested numbers, and anti-vaxxers are directly responsible for many of their deaths.

So if you’re an anti-vaxxer and you get sick from COVID, stay the hell out of our hospitals. If you mistrust science so much then put your money where your stupid, ignorant, lying mouth is and leave the hospitals for your victims, or for the extremely rare cases where a vaccinated person got COVID anyway. Leave our hospitals for people with compromised immune systems, for people with cancer, for people with injuries from accidents. They need the hospital and they didn’t do anything stupid to get there. They didn’t advise people to do anything stupid either. Unlike anti-vaxxers they’re honest victims who trust science.

People with real maladies, honestly and innocently contracted, need our hospitals, but our hospitals are filling up with morons who refused the vaccine because they took the advice of other morons. Those morons need to stay home.

Since they think medical science is a hoax, why would an anti-vaxxer go to a hospital in the first place? Doesn’t that contradict what they have been loudly and ignorantly proclaiming? Aren’t they proving they were liars all along when they check themselves into hospitals after poetic justice infects them with COVID? Aren’t they proving that they never really believed what they were saying in the first place?

So stay the hell away from our hospitals, anti-vaxxers. Show the courage of your own convictions. If it was just your life that you were affecting I wouldn’t lift a finger to contradict you. But it’s your innocent victims I speak for. I speak for your children because you lack the basic duty of care to educate yourself about the hazards of this awful disease. You shouldn’t have children in the first place. You don’t rate parenthood.

I speak for people who need hospital beds and operations but they can’t get them thanks to morons like you. I speak for the people of a world in chaos and fear, who finally have a free vaccine readily available that can solve their problem, but stupid, ignoramuses like you spread lies and disinformation with such vicious, vehement disregard for the truth that they don’t know what to think. I speak for them. You, on the other hand, can go straight to hell.

So stay the hell out of our hospitals, anti-vaxxer. Man up. Woman up. Prove to me and the rest of the world that you spend so much time deceiving that you’re not a hypocritical, spineless mollusk and stick to your guns. At least do that much. But you probably won’t, will you? There are several new and pernicious strains of COVID going around right now, and as soon as you get one of them then it’s off to the hospital for you, right? Because not only are you a liar, you are also a coward.


I conclude my articles the way I always do, with what I call my “Hitchens Benediction,” so-called in honour of the late Christopher Hitchens: And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe. That doesn’t apply to anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxers can go straight to hell.

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