A history of violence


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It is always — always — the same thing with malignant narcissists. Once they’re caught — once their jig is up — all hell breaks loose. And for Donald Trump, it is no different. Months ago, Palmer Report warned that Trump’s diatribes would worsen — that he would descend into even more madness, making even more violent threats. And so it has come to pass.

As Palmer Report previously told you, Trump went nuts on Truth Social and appeared to threaten Mitch McConnell. “He has a DEATH WISH,” Trump posted, causing a frenzy to break out on social media as stunned bystanders could not believe he had done it. Trump also referred to Mitch’s wife with a vile racist slur. Surprised? Don’t be because there will likely be more of that.

Trump has a history. And often, a person’s past actions can be studied to predict their future actions. And Trump’s history of violence has always been prevalent.

Even shortly after launching his campaign for President, Trump was happily advocating for punching protesters at his rallies and offering to pay the legal costs for the punchers. And after he became President, violence was a dark cloud that constantly hung over all of us.

The hate march in Virginia. The manhandling of protesters. The reported words of Trump wanting to shoot migrants as they entered the country. The January 6 insurrection. So many more incidents — too many to name.

So the fact that Trump is escalating certainly shouldn’t be a surprise. But the question is: what will the GOP do? Could Kevin McCarthy possibly stay silent on this? What about Mitch himself? I do not believe you’ll hear a peep out of them.

These people are too scared of Trump. And it is ironic, really. These are the people fighting to take democracy away from us. And yet they cannot even stand up to a withered, psychotic, useless, orange bag of wind — an infant — a harmless criminal who has fallen from his (non-existent) throne.

Trump has no power except in the frightened little minds of these Republicans. His actions were entirely predictable based on his past activities and his history of violence.


And so too are the predictability of the Republican party. They will inwardly sigh and do nothing as they shuffle forward, trying desperately to outrun their own lack of courage.



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